After hearing from you on April 5th I wrote to Miroslava Smolikova
but have           never heard from her.
I leave here in a couple of weeks.  Is there any chance of setting up a
with her ?  I am attending a conference in Germany, but  will be in
on May 31st.

     Any help you can give in reaching her will be most appreciated.


Dear Miroslava Smolikova,

     Alastair has kindly put me in touch with you regarding the Prague
exhibit I saw in Budapest.

     As you know I saw two ceramic pots that would appear to be
briquetage like that we find elsewhere in Europe associated with salt
resources.  In the exhibit they were just labelled grave goods.  My
research focuses on
prehistoric saltmaking and the function of these pots which I suggest
were used for draining and drying salt in pots exposed to an open bonfire
or flame.

     Toward that end I also noticed a furnace on display in Budapest with
a grill on the top similar to one I have seen in Poland and also in the
Near East at a Mesopotamian site.

     I would particularly like to know where and how these pots occur and
the culture and period they are associated with (and when they
disappear).  We have little information on Czechoslavakian archaeology
(in English) and I would love to have your thoughts on the subject. I
very much look forward to meeting you and Alastair and visiting your
museum, it will be a great priviledge.

     Meanwhile, if you can contact me by e-mail we can perhaps make an
arrangement to meet at your convenience.  As Alistair indicated we will
be in Prague on the evening of May 31st and on the day and evening of
June lst.

With best wishes,

Beatrice Hopkinson, President,
Droitwich Brine Springs and Archaeological Trust
On 3/15/01 4:29 AM Alastair Millar writes:

>> It was on loan from Prague and ... [snip] ...
>> I could get no useful contacts to correspond with.

Beatrice Hopkinson 73071,327@compuserve