Watching the Web for News of the Ancient World
                     Volume 3, Issue 51 -- April 22, 2001


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Greetings archaeophiles!  Curiosity question: if this newsletter went to an html mail format (which would help with the perpetual url wrap problem), would it bother anyone?

Thanks to Bill Kennedy and Gene Barkley for the headses upses this week (a.a.h.i.h.l.n.o.o.) ...


The Egyptian State Information Service has a brief item on the discovery of some Amenhotep-era artifacts:

... as well as some predynastic stuff:

The Business Recorder (and others) has a piece on the claims of a couple of French researchers to have found "passages to hidden portions of the Great Pyramid" ... no doubt soon to be a documentary:

eKatherimini reports on the discovery of a 5th-century B.C./B.C.E. copper cauldron at Argos:

eKatherimini also has a report on a 4th-century B.C./B.C.E mass grave found at Pydna:

The Times reports on the restoration of Trajan's arch at Benevento:,,3-113354,00.html

The Independent reports on plans to locate and excavate a Roman ship which sank in the Tyne estuary:

This was actually announced already within the last year or so, but a group at Stanford is going to use computer technology to reassemble the Forum Urbis:

A large section of the Aurelian wall in Rome collapsed this week:,1113,2-13-46_1011661,00.html

The Architects' Journal supposedly has a report on the discovery of an "ancient carving of a Roman warrior" but I can't get it to load properly at my end; maybe it will work for you:

The Irish Times reports on the discovery of an iron age skeleton:

The Getty Museum has returned a second-century bust of an athlete to Italy:,4273,4171745,00.html

... while the Met has returned an image of Seti I to Egypt:

ABCNews reports on the discovery of a "cave full of teeth" in China (this one's actually a little more ancient than I usually cover, but it's interesting):

Xinhua via Northern Light reports on the discovery of a tomb in Shanxi province:

... and more:

Thor Heyerdahl is looking for the origins of the Vikings ... in Russia:,1113,2-10-19_1013838,00.html

Archaeologists have found the site of London's Hope theatre:


The Denver Post has a report on "America's first archaeological subdivision":,1002,53%257E22737,00.html

The Idaho Statesman has one of those introductory sort of things to 'Archaeology Week' in Idaho:

The St. Petersburg Times has a nice article on looting of sites:


Egypt Revealed has an article by Mark Lehner on the city of folks who worked on the pyramids:

Discovering Archaeology has an article on the excavation of an 1800's steamboat:


The Times has a piece on the benefits of a classical education (in anticipation of the meeting of the Classical Association):,,7-116056,00.html

... and Hollywood's depiction of gladiators:,,2-117357,00.html

eKathimerini has an article on learning ancient Greek via the internet:

... and what's on at Herodes Atticus' theatre in the next month or so:

The Independent has a piece on the fifty best places to see in Rome (with links!):

... and a passing mention on the influence of Thucydides on Colin Powell:

I'm not sure what to make of this one ... claims of Egyptians in the FYROM:

Folks might be interested (for comparative purposes) in the Christian version of the torch race:

... and a new 'Slavocentric' view of history:

The University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology has discovered some Ming art in its storage rooms:

The hype is beginning in anticipation of the official opening of the new Library at Alexandria:


Ancient History Guide N.S. Gill's latest is a piece on Artemis:

Archaeology Guide Kris Hirst's latest is a guest piece on the electronic antiquities market:

... last week's chat with Rosemary Joyce:

... tonight's chat (9-11 EDT) with Larry McKee on African-American archaeology:


Ahenaten-era artifacts:,1113,2-11-37_1010967,00.html

Cleopatra at the BM:

Herculaneum papyri (nothing new ... I wish they'd just get on with it):,1249,270013890,00.html?,1643,500475007-500729186-504140350-0,00.html,3560,862492,00.html


Karachi mummy (with photo):,9754,106425,00.html

Latest Bahariyah Oasis finds:

Temple Mount:




CTCWeb's Words of the Week

Radio Finland's Nuntii Latini

English translation (probably delayed ... hasn't been updated since August):


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