I'm afraid that I don't have a direct contact with the Historic Quays
people, other than through a visit we organised there a little while ago.

In fact, in view of the way Hartlepool was treated over the Warrior, I
doubt that they would have much faith in NMM.  They spent a lot of time
refurbishing the Warrior, and got a lot of publicity, where it counts - on
TV shows like Blue Peter, and hence a lot of visitor interest, only to have
it 'pinched' by the NMM.  Ironically, on a visit to Warrior in Portsmouth,
I knew more about the ship than their guides did, as I had visited the ship
many times during the refurbishment and seen most, if not all, of the
stages of the work that had been done, as well as having tours by
interested, committed and knowledgable amateur guides.  No criticism of the
staff working on the ship at the moment or during my visit, but they had
had nothing to do with the ship until it arrived, fully refitted, in

Another case of all the best finds and best pieces going south?  Or is that
a whole new can of worms ;-)


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