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>...Anyone interested in Suger's inspiration for Saint-Denis should read the
chapter in Chenu's _Nature, Man, and Society in the Twelfth Century_
entitled "The Symbolist Mentality"; also _Artistic Integration in Gothic
Buildings_, Raguin, Brush, Draper, eds.

not to say nothing against the above, but Sugar scholarship has taken several
sweet twists and turns in recent decades and one might also want to consult
the relevant papers in the Suger exposition/conference held at the
Metropolitan Museum in the mid-eighties, as well as the more recent and quite
interesting "biography" of him by Lindy Grant of the Courtauld Institute.

if nothing else, the latter work has done much to demonstrate how far we may
have to go to fully understand this complex fellow --and how resourceful we
have to be in peeling away the accretions of modern constructs which have
obscured his reality, especially in Art Historical matters.

best to all from here,


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