I have dragged out the Dickens (to quote Tom Lehrer)  and while it sorts
some of these out I was kind of hoping it would be a critical text for the
whole work. It  has a short c.
20pp section on Wilfrid Holme's musings and treatment of earlier prophecies
which goes into great detail on the Holme dynasty, but somehow failed to
convince me that WH of Huntington was indeed the author.  Like those
portraits in auction sales catalogues where you get a two page in-depth
biography of a person
and a picture of someone completely different!

So still up for elucidation are ...

Sainct Hellyn's quickingtree
St. Nicholas chaire
Turpine stone
St Benet's bolt
& St Johns & St Peters grease (although the 'chrism' suggestion was very
intriguing) But how  does it conserve the brain?


john a w lock

For (thanked be God) sainct Frauncis cowle is spied,
    And sainct Brides bead, with sainct Hellyns quickingtree,
    Their girdles inuented, and their faire hayres died,
    With their chaulk oled for the milke of our Lady.
    Sainct Sithe and Tremans fast, with works of idolatrie,
    as sainct Nicholas chaire and sainct Anthonies bell,
    With Turpine stone and Moyses yarde so thee,
    With S. Katherins knots, & S. Anne of Buckstones wel

  And S. Wilfred Boorne of Rypon to keep cattel from pain,
    And his needle which sinners can not passe the eye,
    With S. John & S. Peters grease for to co'serve ye braine,
    And S. Thomas hoode of Pomfret for migreme & the rie,
    And S. Cuthberts sta'derd of Duresme to make their foes to flye,
    And S. Benets bolte, and S. Swithens bell.
    And sainct Patrikes staffe & saint Williams head pardy,
    And saincty Cornelis horne with a thousand mo to tell.