Today, 3 January, is the feast of ...

* Antherus, pope and martyr (236)
- reigned for only forty-three days; martyred for obtaining
copies of the official proceedings against the martyrs with
the intention of keeping them in his archives (patron of
rare book librarians?)

* Peter Balsam, martyr (311)
- native of Palestine, where he was martyred; Eusebius says
he was burnt to death at Caesarea, but according to his
*acta* he was crucified at Aulana by the governor Severus

* Genevieve or Genovefa, virgin (c. 500)
- patron of Paris; like another great French saint, Jeanne
d'Arc, she protected her native place against attacking
foreigners (although she did so by prayer, entreaties and

* Bertilia of Mareuil, widow (eighth century)
- a noble, she married a noble, after whose death she lived
as a recluse in a cell adjoining her town's church (in the
diocese of Arras)

George Ferzoco
University of Leicester