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Sent: 1/2/2001 8:27 PM
Subject: Abbatial "households" [<Bajulus]

the _Bajulus_ of the abbey (an office mentioned in the Rule??)

Interesting question. I've checked the concordance in my edition of the
Rule, and the only use of a similar word is in chapter 2 (re the office of
abbot):19-20 (in the context of instructing the abbot not to show
favoritism, and to apply the same discipline to all according to their

Quod si ita, iustitia dictante, abbati visum fuerit, et de cuiuslibet ordine
id faciet. Sin alias, propria teneant loca, quia 'spve servus sive liber,
omnes in Christo unum sumus' et sub uno Domino aequalem servitutis militiam
baiulamus, quia 'non est apud Deum personarum acceptio'.

Trans in *RB1980*: But the abbot is free, if he sees fit, to change anyone's
rank as justice demands. Ordinarily, everyone is to keep to his regular
place, because 'whether slave or free, we are all one in Christ' (Gal 3:28'
Eph 6:8) and share alike in bearing arms in the service of the one Lord, for
'God shows no partiality among persons' (Rom 2:11).

Best wishes,
George Ferzoco