>Occasional disclaimer:

Being listed here does not constitute a statement about the quality of the
book or a promise that Johns Hopkins will buy it.  I garner these titles
from a variety of library sources, but I have not seen all of the titles

Tom Izbicki


>         ISBN 2-7247-0276-x
>         Le Saint et son milieu ou comment lire
>         les sources hagiographiques.
>         Edite par Rachida Chih et Denis Gril
>         2000, Cairo, 214 + 31 PP,PB     U$ 30.00
>         (Serie Cahier des Annales Islamoagiques # 19)
>         (IF 854)


G. Franchi, Da Luni a Massa Carrara-Pontremoli:  il devenire di una diocesi
tra Toscana e Liguria dal 4. al 21. secolo, 3 vols. (Modena:  Aedes, s.d.).


The Oxford Colleges collection:  Balliol College, sect. 6:  The classics,
historical and general, 15 reels;  Christ Church College, sect.
6:  Historical and General (World Microfilms.  [represented in the USA by
Norman Ross Publishing]


A. Gottlieb, The dream of reason:  a history of Western philosophy from the
Greeks to the Renaissance (Allen Lane, 2000).

H.N. Claman, Jewish images in the Christian church:  art as the mirror of
the Jewish-Christian conflict 200-1250 CE (Mercer UPr, 2000).

J. Boyce-Tillman, The creative spirit:  harmonious living withHildegard of
Bingen (Canterbury Pr, 2000).

The cheque books of the Chapel Royal, ed. A. Ashbee * J. Harley (Ashgate,

J.M. Wilson, The Worcester Liber albus:  glimpses of life in a great
Benedictine monastery in the fourteenth century (Llanerch Publ., 1999)
[reprint of 1920 book].

T. Tatton-Brown, Lambeth Palace:  a history of the Archbishops of
canterbury and their houses (SPCK Pr, 2000).

R.J.A. Weis, The yellow cross:  the story of the last Cathars, 1290-1329
(Viking, 2000).

S.M. Powell, The Trinity in German thought (Cambridge UPr, 2001) [c. 1 on
Luther & Melanchthon].

N.f. Safwat, Golden pages:  Qur'ans and other manuscripts from the
collection of Ghassan I. Shaker (Oxford UPr, 2000).