Today, 2 January, is the feast of ...

* Macarius of Alexandria (c. 394)
- a candy maker by trade, he became a desert hermit whose
austerities were extreme, even by the standards of his

* Munchin, bishop (seventh century)
- no vita of Munchin exists, but he is mentioned in the
martyrologies of Oengus, Gallaght and Gorman as bishop of

* Vincentian (672)
- when this hermit died, his body was placed on a cart to
be drawn by two oxen to his burial; but on the way a bear
ate one of the oxen, but then obeyed the order of
Vincentian's disciple and took the place of the eaten ox,
and helped draw the cart with the other ox

* Adalhard or Adelard, abbot (827)
- grandson of Charles Martel and brother of king Pepin, he
eventually was forced from life at court to become a monk
at Lerins, then abbot of Corbie

* Ayrald, bishop of Maurienne (1146?)
- brother of pope Callistus II, he became Carthusian prior
at Portes

* Stefana Quinzani, virgin (1530)
- Dominican tertiary and stigmatist

George Ferzoco
University of Leicester