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- Engage in the debate about Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
- Find out more about what Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is
- Hear about what is being achieved in the Scholarship of Teaching
and Learning
- Learn about the work of the Carnegie Fellows Scheme and the
National Teaching Fellowship Scheme
- Join with scholars from the Carnegie and the National Teaching
Fellowship Scheme in discussion on the Scholarship of Teaching and

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Final date for registration is 1st June 2001.

Venue: Kensington Town Hall, London

Date: 6th June 2001

Time: 9:30 - 16:15

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or by phone: 020 8223 2284.
More information, including the provisional programme and an on-line
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            First Annual Joint UK & USA Conference on the
              Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)

 Co-sponsored by University of East London & City University, London

                       Featuring work of the:
National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, Institute for Learning and Teaching (UK)
 Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (USA)
American Association of Higher Education Campus Academy Programme (USA)

DATE:           6th June  2001

VENUE:  Kensington Town Hall, London, England

                     Draft Conference Programme

Programme includes Plenary Panels of Carnegie Scholars and National Teaching
Fellowship Holders and concurrent parallel sessions of submitted papers.  Selected
conference papers will be published in a special issue of Research and Innovation in
Learning and Teaching.

9:30            Coffee and Registration

10:00           Welcome

10:15Plenary Panel I:
    Sharing Researchable Problems in the Scholarship of Teaching
    and Learning, David W. Gosling, Philosophy, Chair

    Maggie Nicol, Nursing and Midwifery, National Teaching Fellowship
    Gerald Shenk, Social History, Carnegie Scholar
    Peter Hartley, Cultural Studies, National Teaching Fellowship Holder
    Cynthia Schienberg, Teacher Education, Carnegie Scholar

11:30Parallel papers:
    Theme: Possible Areas and/or Possible Problems of SoTL

    Session 1a:
‘TheIdeal *** Inventory: a constructivist tool for pedagogical research’
    Liverpool Hope University College
'Scholarshipof Teaching in Art and Design'
    Centre for Learning and Teaching, London Institute

‘VisualLiterary, Moving Images, and the Problem of Interdisciplinarity’
    Tremonte (CS)
    Interdisciplinary Studies, Michigan State University

    Session 1b:
‘CognitiveApprenticeship as a Pedagogical Strategy’
    Schienberg (CS)
    Teacher Education, Mills College
‘ThePossible Effects of Learning and Teaching Scholarship in Medical Dental and
    Veterinary Education’
    Adult Dental Health, University of Wales College of Medicine
DisabledStudents and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning’
    Rehabilitation Resource Centre, City University, London
        Session 1c:
    'A Learning and Teaching Magazine as a First Step to Creating a
    Pedagogic Research Culture: a case study from Liverpool John
    Moores University
    Stewart & Thompson
    Learning Development Team, Liverpool John Moores University
TeachingResearch and Development Network:  an institutional framework for
    educational research and collaboration’
    O’Connell, Renfrew & Kahn
    Teaching & Learning Support, University of Manchester
    Electrical  & Electronic Engineering, UMIST
‘TheScholarship of Teaching and Learning: an institutional case study’
    Macdonald &Thorpe
    Learning and Teaching Institute, Sheffield Hallam University
‘AssessingStudent Learning from Collaborative and Written
    Project Reports’
        Holcomb (CS)
    Mathematics, Cleveland State University

    Session 1d:
‘ResearchingTeaching –Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses’
McCuneand Cousin
Centrefor Higher Education Development, Coventry University
‘DifferentiatingStrategies for 'Teaching-Scholarship’ in Higher Education:
    Institutional Findings and Implications
    Academic Development Service, Southampton Institute
‘Discipline-basedScholarship of Teaching and Learning’
    Healey (NTF)
    Geography, Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education
‘Buildingan Interdisciplinary Campus Community around the Scholarship of
    Shenk (CS)
    Social History, California State University, Monterey Bay


1:45Parallel Papers:
    Theme: SoTL Projects; Outcomes and Works in Progress

    Session 2a:
‘Howto provide 100 Students with Clinical Experience’
    De Jong & Canning
    Language and Communication Science, City University, London
We  Don’t Need No Webucation?  Using the web to support learning and teaching
    in universities’
    Continuing Education, City University, London
‘MulticulturalLibrary Science Education: towards distance learning’
    Bawden & Robinson
    Department of Information Science, City University, London
‘UsingICT to Support and Enhance the On-Campus Undergraduate Experience:
    examples and possibilities’
    Hartley (NTF)
    Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University

    Session 2b:
‘‘A System for the Management of Coursework Assessment’
    Talbot, Reeves, Clegg  and Mullane
    St Mary’s College
‘Synergyor segmentation?: students’ perceptions of their learning on modular
    undergraduate programmes’
    Faculty of Higher Education, Warrington Collegiate Institute
‘Problem-basedLearning in the Arts: the changing role of the tutor’
    Hutchings (NTF)
    English, University of Manchester
    'Reflection and Learning in Higher Education: Enhancing the Experiences
    for Students?'
                       Education and Community Studies, University of East London

    Session 2c:
    ‘The Accreditation of Work Experience: whose interest does it serve?’
    Gibbs & Morris
    (Contact Details missing)
‘Work-basedLearning: a new Higher Education and new pedagogies for learning?’
    Educational Development Services, University of East London
    Osman & Williams
    Computing, City University
‘Creatingthe Twenty First Century International Business School- teaching and
    learning challenges’
    Holtham & Selim
    Business, City University London

    Session 2d:
‘Useof Action Learning Groups to Aid Learning’
    Nurse Education and Training, Bournemouth University
‘Sittingwith Nellie…and Patricia, Nam, Jason, Jane , Laurence and Ulli: a
    contextualised and collaborative approach to learning’
    Walker & Ackroyd
    School of Post Compulsory Education and Training, University of
Developingskills in nursing: changing the emphasis from teaching to learning
    City University, London


3:00Plenary Panel II
    Problems of Carrying Out the Scholarship of Teaching and
    Learning, Vaneeta D’Andrea, Sociology, Chair

                Bill Hutchings, English, National Teaching Fellowship Holder
    Collen Tremonte, Interdisciplinary Studies, Carnegie Scholar
    Mick Healy, Geography, National Teaching Fellowship Holder
    John Holcomb, Mathematics, Carnegie Scholar

4:00Concluding Remarks