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Teaching/Research Relationships: a web resource for you!

Internationally, individual academics, departments, institutions,
national systems and disciplinary communities are facing the problem
(sorry challenge!) of how to conceive and organise the relationship
between (staff) research in their discipline and student learning.

This web site though specifically designed to support a UK based project
in Built Environment Disciplines provides a wide range of resources to
support staff/departments/disciplines in making effective links between
teaching and research.

Amongst the  resources on the web site are:
- an international list of web sites of institutions and projects that
help ensure students benefit from research;
- a portfolio of descriptions of teaching strategies;
- a bibliography on research on teaching /research relationships;
- suggestions on how  staff can design courses to better ensure students
benefit from staff research;
- a suggested framework for a department discussion on how the
departmentís organisation and culture either supports or blocks
effective linkages between (staff) research and student learning;
- an  invitation to suggest  ways this web site can be developed! We
have two more years of funding so what you suggest can be implemented!

The web site is at

Dr Bridget Durning, Project Manager
Linking Teaching with Research and Consultancy in the Built Environment
School of Planning
Oxford Brookes University
Gypsy Lane
Oxford OX3 0BP
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Professor Alan Jenkins, Project Adviser
Westminster Institute
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford OX2 9AT
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Dr Bridget Durning
FDTL Project Manager:
Linking Teaching with
Research and Consultancy in the Built Environment
Oxford Brookes University
School of Planning
Headington Campus
Gypsy Lane
Oxford OX3 0BP

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