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28,155 - 29,967

The National Disability Team (NDT) is seeking to recruit to support its
work in higher education development. Specifically there has been an
extension of responsibilities to include a variety employability
projects running under the DfEE Innovations Fund, 2000-2002. Many of
these projects are not related to disability but have an emphasis on
e-based resources. The Innovations programme contributes to the
development of a curriculum and learning environment that prepares
students for the world of work in the 21st century and enhances the
opportunity for appropriate learning within work.

The NDT works on behalf of the Higher Education Funding Council for
England (HEFCE) and the Department for Higher and Further Education
Training and Employment (DHFETE) for Northern Ireland. The NDT currently
manages and co-ordinates projects to enhance disability provision in
fifty higher education institutions in England and Northern Ireland.
Projects are funded under the 1999-2000 to 2000-2002 programme,
Improving provision for disabled students.

You must be capable of playing a significant role in the team, working
closely with the Director and Principal Co-ordinator to provide:

       Direct support to staff in funded projects and advice to senior
managers in higher education and other organisations
       Input to systems that record, monitor and review progress across
the funding programmes
       Dissemination of programme outcomes across the whole higher
education sector and beyond
       Development of NDT web-based resources

The NDT is based at Coventry University; however, you must be prepared
to travel on a national basis. Fractional, job-share or short-term
appointments will be sympathetically considered - especially since
candidates may come from backgrounds that are particularly appropriate
to only one of the funding programmes or may be specialists in website
development.  If you have significant experience and demonstrable
understanding of some of the following:

       Employability or careers development, especially of e-based
       Developing of web-based resources
       Managing project work in higher education or other contexts
       Staff and institutional development
       Disability in higher education, including current developments

And if you are interested in working with a national team, please
contact the Personnel Department on 024 7688 8120, minicom 024 7688
8100, email <mailto:[log in to unmask]> for further details and
an application form, quoting reference no. CA2/01.

For informal enquiries call 024 7688 7818 and talk to Barbara
Lloyd-Smith or Mike Adams.

Please refer to for further information
about the Improving Provision for Disabled Students funding programme
and the work of NDT. Information about Innovations Fund projects is at:

Interviews will be held on Thursday 15 February 2001.

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 24 January 2001.