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Subject: New online MSc
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 17:30:34 -0000
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New Online Masters in Lifelong Learning for practitioners or
parties interested in Lifelong Learning.  For those involved in
training, staff development, teacher education, managing quality,
curriculum design, instructional and online learning, social inclusion
and strategic development for barrier-free learning.

The Institute of Lifelong Learning in partnership with the
School of Education is now offering a new postgraduate suite
of courses in the area of Lifelong Learning.  The programme
will advance training in the field of curriculum design,
widening participation, social and cultural diversity in
learning, quality enhancement and online learning/teaching.
The course is designed to provide training for those involved
in lifelong learning.  For managers of training, for training or
education providers, for those seeking a career in training,
social care or community or voluntary education, further and
higher education. The course utilises the Internet  to deliver the
programme world-wide. Modules may be studied on an
individual basis for Initial, Continued or Early Personal and
Professional Development and/or social or business interest.

Who would be interested in this course?
The course will be particularly attractive to those who are
interested in training, staff development, management
development, peer and co-operative learning, community and
voluntary instruction, further and higher education.  The course
is open to applications from those seeking a career in
education and training across the community and social
learning spheres as well as from practitioners involved in
formal educational provision.

Course Features
Accreditation opportunities will be available within the
course for national key skill awards, training and development
programmes and recognised awards in management and virtual
teaching skills.  This programme encourages participants to
make credit claims for prior experiential learning.  Candidates
may claim up to 60 credit points for recognised learning.

All modules will be offered through distance learning, with no
attendance requirements.


Postgraduate Certificate Lifelong Learning

Module 1:  Accrediting Learning and Flexible
Module 2:  Virtual Learning

                Postgraduate Diploma Lifelong Learning
Module 3:  Research and Policy in Lifelong
Module 4:  Professional Practice in Managing

                MSc Lifelong Learning
Module 5:  Research Study

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Design student-centred courses.
Develop appropriate systems to manage student learning
Recognise and develop different types of learning styles
through curriculum management.
Contribute to the widening of participation in your work
through quality management and systematic change.
Develop academic research and publishing skills.
Design,facilitate and evaluate online courses.
Continue to improve as a training/teaching professional.
Establish new skills in teaching and learning.

Accreditation Opportunities
This course offers dual accreditation opportunities.  Parts of
the course may lead to Assessor Awards (Training and
Development D32 and D33), Key and Basic Skills Tutor
Awards (Professional Practice Certificate in Key Skills) and
Management Units (Managing Quality, Resources, People).

Those who have significant experience in the field of lifelong
learning may make credit claims during module 1 for specific
modules or general exemptions for advanced credit

Entry Requirements
Although admission is judged on an individual basis and work
experience, the knowledge and skills required for admission to
a course must be sufficient to ensure that the student is able to
follow the programme of study.  A short course may be taken
to facilitate students with different types of qualifications.
This course will receive credit within the course framework,
whilst offering the opportunity for students to make claims for
prior learning pre-entry.


Assessment is by course work, there are no formal university
examinations. Assessments may take various forms including
multiple choice tests, data interpretation, essays, reports, case
studies and critical appraisal of study and research papers.
Submission of course work is by e-mail, fax or post.
Students enrolled on the MSc programme are required to carry out
a work based independent research study. The project shall be
carried out under the supervision of an experienced research active
member of academic staff from within the University of Ulster and a
nominated supervisor from the student's place of employment.


Fees are based on a credit point system. The fee payable depends
on the course selected by the student. For full details of fees relating
to our courses, please contact the Institute of Lifelong Learning by
sending an email to [log in to unmask], or using the contact
details below.

Technical Requirements

The course is delivered via the Internet. To complete the course you
will require a PC with a CD-Rom drive and access to the Internet.
The minimum computer specifications required are as follows:

Personal Computer (IBM)

486 66MHz or faster processor
(Pentium 100MHz or faster recommended)
Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT 4.0+
(Windows 3.1 is NOT supported)
8 MB RAM or more (16MB or more for NT)
SuperVGA monitor
256 colours (thousands of colours recommended)
800x600 screen size (1024x768 highly recommended)
Sound card
28.8Kb or faster Internet connection recommended
4 x CD-Rom

Macintosh Computer

Mac OS 7.x or 8.x
68040 66MHz or faster processor
 (PowerPC 100MHz or faster recommended)
16 MB RAM or more
Colour monitor capable of displaying 256 colours (thousands of
256-color (thousands of colours recommended)
800x600 screen size (1024x768 highly recommended)
28.8Kb or faster Internet connection recommended

Contact for Further Information: Kathleen May at:  [log in to unmask]
If you are interested please email us by return.    Students may
seek advice from the course manager: Ms Celia O'Hagan
(email - { HYPERLINK mailto:[log in to unmask]
[log in to unmask]) or contact us for an application
form by return.  The form should be returned to:

                           Ms Kathleen May
                   Institute of Lifelong Learning
                 University of Ulster at Jordanstown
                             Shore Road
                              Co Antrim
                             BT37  0QB.

Celia O'Hagan
Manager of Vocational Assessment Centre
Tel:  028 9036 8190
Fax:  028 9036 6825
Email: [log in to unmask]