SEDA is part of a project coordinated by the LTSN Generic Centre,
which is aiming to identify the professional development needs of
those engaged in educational or staff development work. As a result
of recent developments supported by HEFCE's Teaching Quality
Enhancement Fund, there are a much greater number, and a wider range,
of people now involved in facilitating  learning and teaching
developments in higher education, and the professional development
needs of this group are not yet well understood.

Part of the role of SEDA is to provide development opportunities for
staff and educational developers, and we are therefore very pleased
to collaborate with LTSN to gain a better understanding about the
development needs of this group. Your contribution to this needs
analysis will help to ensure that SEDA and other bodies can provide
the most appropriate opportunities in the future.

For the purposes of the project, the definition below has been proposed
in order to scope the work. If it describes the work you do (no matter how
partially) please complete the online questionnaire by following this link,
and/or ask interested colleagues to do the same:

The questionnaire is for those who facilitate the development of
learning and teaching in higher education - as individual academics, in
collaboration with others, and/or by supporting the work of colleagues.
Examples might include learning and teaching coordinators, staff and
educational developers, educational grant holders, LTSN Subject Centre
contacts, curriculum developers, learning technologists, and individuals who
take on such roles without formal title or recognition.

Please submit your response by 21 September 2001.

Barry Jackson
Professor Barry Jackson
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