Hello there -

Does anyone have any statistics compiled on the completion rates of SEDA or ILT
accredited teaching and learning programmes in the UK, as a percentage of

If so, could I persuade you to send them to me - duly acknowledged of course -
I would like to use them  to compare our rates with national trends.

If no such figures exist, I would I also be grateful if any programme leaders
would care to send me their figures - ( I am happy in due course to compile
these into a usable set of figures to return to all contributors.

To make simple sense of the information, I would need registrations numbers
broken down into postgraduates( associates) and lecturers, and I would need to
know whether the course is mandatory or voluntary, and how long the programme
normally takes.

many thanks

Ali Cooper
Teaching & Learning Development Coordinator
Programme Director for Certificate in Learning & Teaching in HE (CiLTHE)
Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC)
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