Matthew Francis wrote:
> Overreacting slightly? First, I'm an academic myself. Second, my partial
> agreement with Josephine's remark was hardly meant as a serious attack on
> the profession, more as a pleasantry. (If you want evidence of academics
> stating the obvious it shouldn't be hard to find.) Third, I have sat through
> a seminar on supermarkets at Southampton University, and though I haven't
> sat through one on tattooing (inscribing the body, as I think it's
> technically called), there was a paper on the subject in a postgraduate
> magazine while I was doing my Ph.D. there. I do think it's regrettable that
> less attention is paid now to literature and more to other cultural
> phenomena, but I wasn't spoiling for a fight, and I'm amazed you seem to
> think I was.
> Best wishes
> Matthew

Oooops! Sorry guys.

I just so happen to have an honours thesis in my inbox;
Subject: contemporary tattoo.
So I might bow out of this one. *chuckle*

But I am tempted to write a paper on colour theory  - "the
sky is blue, the grass is green"  think how often I would
have to be cited!