Dear list,
... regarding the latest flurry of emails... perhaps we should structure this
discussion a little more clearly in order to make it more productive...

I'd suggest posting

1) vocabulary terms and their definitions (perhaps, as Hannah has done, with
reference to a source for the definition) -- this vocabulary building is useful to
curators and something I'd like to see developed. Recently on the list many have
been mentioning Lev Manovich's book "The Language of New Media" -- this is a fine
place to start for definitions of the boundaries of new media art - if boundaries
is indeed what one is looking for.

2) comments and advice on the particular "problem of new media curating" that we
are addressing THIS month, namely -- *installing it*

(The crumb site and the list were generated in order to address these questions,
as you know. But in order to get anywhere I suggest we take one topic at a time...
there is lots to read and there are lots of links to visit on the crumb site in
order to get an overview of the "problems of new media curating" - let's try and
keep the list to a deeper and more engaged discussion of particular aspects of the
field of study).

what do you think?