There are other faults with this service. For example it doesn't report
correctly just what a user has free access to.

A specific example: We subscribe to the journal Addiction from Carfax
Publishing and we have full access to this title via CatchWord. However if
I search for articles in this title in ingenta the results list indicates
I have free access to some articles but tries to get me to pay for access
to other articles. Of the first ten references in my results list only
three are correctly reported as available from CatchWord the others I am
asked to pay for.

A related matter: If you need to pay for an article the system collects
your details BEFORE it tells you how much you need to pay to get an
Librarian, believe in. Should you choose to pay for an article then it is
obviously a requirement to provide information for payment and delivery


John Smith.
University of Kent at Canterbury.

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Nicholas Lewis wrote:

> Leaving aside the current IP address recognition problems, I would be
> interested in sharing ideas about how best to provide guidance for our users
> on the new ingenta web site.
> The default 'search ingenta' option is a challenge as it seems to default to
> 'uncover plus'. At first sight, having read the new help files under 'about
> this site' (top of window), I had assumed that 'uncover plus' would now
> include articles available in full-text online as well.
> I quote: "The ingenta and UnCover content has now been integrated to offer
> users single-point access to an unparalleled 25,000 publications linked to
> the full-text articles of over 4,500 publications from 150 academic and
> professional publishers. The combined service is UnCoverPlus."
> In fact, there is a separate 'online articles' tab for full-text articles. I
> think this will be very difficult for our users, many of whom will be put
> off if they see no results returned in the default 'uncover plus'. There is
> no prompt then to check the 'online articles' tab which is what most of our
> users will be wanting. ('Uncover plus' seems only to list those articles
> available by fax or Ariel fax delivery.) I have looked at the
> context-sensitive help (Need help?) at this point but the options that
> display are not those I see on the screen.
> An example to try is:   search for: tourism    publication title: Singapore
> Journal
> This returns no hits in 'uncover plus' but 3 in 'online articles'.
> I may be missing something here, so any suggestions would be gratefully
> received!
> Nicholas Lewis
> Electronic Resources & LLT Subject Librarian
> UEA Library
> Norwich
> NR4 7TJ
> phone: 01603-592382
> fax: 01603-259490