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As Droop and Harte (1995) have shown, only three known occurrences of this rare mineral assemblage in contact aureole have been described in the literature: The Tono aureole, Japan (Okuyama-Kusunose, 1994); the Karatash aureole, Russia (Likhanov, 1988a,b) and the Insch aureole, Scotland (Nockdolds et al., 1978).

Droop, G.T.R., Harte, B., 1995. The effect of Mn on the phase relations of medium-grade pelites: constraints from natural assemblages on petrogenetic grid topology. Journal of Petrology 36, 1549-1578.

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Nockolds, S.R., Knox, R.W., Chinner, G.A., 1978. Petrology for Students. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 340 pp.

I would like to add two references of this rare assemblage documented in the Ayakhtinsk aureole, Russia:

Likhanov, I.I., Sheplev, V.S., Reverdatto, V.V., Kozlov, P.S., 1998. Contact metamorphism of ferriferous metapelites at relatively high pressure in the Trans- Angara region, Yenisei Ridge. Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 1107-1110.

Likhanov, I.I., Sheplev, V.S., Reverdatto, V.V., Kozlov, P.S., Kireev, A.D., 1999. The isochemical nature of the contact metamorphism of high-alumina metapelites in the Ayakhta granitoid massif, Yenisei Ridge. Russian Geology and Geophysics 40, 91-98.

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