THERMOCALC Workshop: Calculating Metamorphic Phase Equilibria

Barcelona, 4-6 September, 2002


Dear colleagues:

The thermodynamic calculation software, THERMOCALC 3.1 (Powell et
al., 1998), has been widely used for the calculation of metamorphic
phase equilibria and for deciphering the P - T evolution in
metamorphic rocks.

Roger Powell will give a workshop on calculating metamorphic phase
equilibria using THERMOCALC, from the 4th - 6th September, 2002 in
Barcelona (Spain).
The workshop will consist of lectures on phase diagram modelling with
THERMOCALC (mornings), with hands-on sessions running practical
examples in THERMOCALC (afternoons). Additional specialist lectures
on related topics (for example on a-X relationship and the
construction of THERMOCALC datafiles) will be given at the end of the
practical sessions. The workshop will be similar to the one offered
by Roger Powell at Blacksburg, Virginia (US) prior to the past spring
Goldschmidt Conference.

The workshop will be organized jointly by the Department of Geology
(Petrology and Geochemistry) of the Universitat Auṭnoma de Barcelona
and by the Department of Petrology, Geochemistry and Geological
Prospecting of the Universitat de Barcelona. The course will be held
at the Hotel Campus of the Universitat Auṭnoma de Barcelona.

The workshop will be limited to 40 participants due to available
computer lab  space. Participants will be encouraged to bring their
own laptops to the course.

If you are keen to participate, you are encouraged to send an
e-mail BEFORE 20, January 2002 to:

[log in to unmask]  or  [log in to unmask]


and a list of names and short addresses (Department) and email
addresses of the interested participants in the body text.

replying does not imply pre-registration and not sending it does
not imply you cannot pre-register later.

This e-mail purpose is just for us to get an idea of the number
of people that will be interested in the workshop

THERMOCALC workshop cost

Price: 175 euros €

Covers: Course material (including CD-ROM), mid-day meal plus
morning and afternoon coffee-breaks during the 3 days of the course

It does NOT include: accommodation, dinner and extras.

Workshop Contents


Start 8.30 sharp. Finish 5.30.

Mornings: lectures.
Afternoons: hands-on in the computer lab.

4 September

8.30 - 12.30.   What are phase diagrams and why are they useful,
                 what data do we need. P-T projections; their
                 relationship with compatibility diagrams.
                 The computer programs THERMOCALC and drawpd.

12.30 - 1.30    Lunch

1.30 - 5.30     Hands on: Calculating/drawing P-T projections with
                                THERMOCALC and drawpd

5.45 - 6.45             Specialist lecture: a-x relationships and THERMOCALC
                                datafile construction

5 September

8.30 - 12.30.   Pseudosections (P-T, P-X, T-X); relationship with
                                other phase diagrams

12.30 - 1.30    Lunch

1.30 - 5.30     Hands on: Calculating/drawing P-T pseudosections
                                with THERMOCALC and drawpd

5.45 - 6.45             Specialist lecture: Thermometry and barometry:
                                single two reactions, avPT, delPT

6 September

8.30 - 12.30.   Other types of phase diagrams. Choosing the right
                                phase diagram; case studies.

12.30 - 1.30    Lunch

1.30 - 5.30     Hands on: More calculating/drawing P-T pseudosections

** although not essential, participants are encouraged to bring
their own laptops to the workshop


A block of rooms has been reserved at the UAB university campus
apartments and at the campus hotel. Prices in euros range from 50 €
to 190 € for 3 nights.