Dear colleagues,

Please excuse any multiple postings.

Just a final reminder about our planned Gastil Volume - this message went
out the first time around a month ago. We already have 25 or 30 papers lined
up, so it should be a great one! If you have already contacted us, please
disregard this message.

This message is to announce our intentions to publish a special volume
dedicated to R. Gordon Gastil, Professor Emeritus at San Diego State
University. This volume will celebrate Gordon's outstanding contributions to
our knowledge of northwestern Mexico and the southwestern USA, and in
particular the Peninsular Ranges batholith in southern California, USA and
Baja California, Mexico. The broad theme of the volume will be "Tectonic
evolution of northwestern Mexico and the southwestern USA". Papers can cover
any geological time period and any relevant topic. Examples might include:
(1) problems in volcanism and plutonism, structural and metamorphic geology,
stratigraphy and sedimentology, and paleontology; (2) tectonic
reconstructions of the western North American margin; (3) geochronological
and thermochronological studies;  (4) geophysics and geodynamics; and (5)
correlation of basement rocks between the USA and Mexico. Our intention is
to have a balanced volume that reflects the wide range of Gordon's work,
while in a broad sense keeping with the above theme.

The Gastil volume will be edited by Scott Johnson (U. Maine), Scott Paterson
(U. Southern California), John Fletcher (CICESE, Mexico), David Kimbrough
(San Diego State U.) and Arturo Martin Barajas (CICESE, Mexico). We have
approval from GSA for a Special Paper or Memoir, which will provide an
opportunity to publish accompanying maps, and larger data sets than normally
allowed in journals. The Editor for GSA Books has stated that he would like
to include a CD with this volume that contains various items, including data

We want this volume to contain a wide range of new data and interpretations
that would appeal to a wide readership. A proportion of the contributions
will be invited, modern overviews of particular topics. In addition to these
overviews, we seek volunteered papers on all relevant topics. We believe
that having this structure will ensure a long-lived, popular set of papers.

At this stage, please make contact with us if you are interested in
submitting a paper.  Please give us a tentative title and the names of
likely participating authors. Also, please feel free to suggest possible
invited contributions for us to consider. Once we have a final list of
likely contributors, we'll circulate details regarding submission
instructions, guidelines, etc. We hope you will join us in making this an
outstanding volume.

Our tentative deadline for papers is February 20, 2002, and we will follow a
strict timeline for the review, editing and revision process.

On behalf of the editorial team, I hope to hear a positive reply from you

Cheers - Scott

Scott E. Johnson
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