To CS Dubey:

Below are the references I can lay my hands on, but I do have others

1998  Erslev (GSA Bull, July, v110, p900-915)
Limited, localised nonvolatile element flux and volume change in Appalachian

1997  Worley et at (JStrucGeol, v19, p1121-1135)
Crenulation cleavage formation: evolving diffusion, deformation and
equlibrium mechanisms with increasing metamorphic grade

1999  Mamtani et al (JStrucGeol), v21, p711-718)
Are crenulation cleavage zones mylonites on the microscale?
(Chemical composition of muscovite only)

Hope this helps.  If you know of any others, please do let me know.

What is your project?

Joanie Marion
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