Dugald's original poem:

        When Eugster buffered fO2
        Its value could not vary,
        But now a more permissive crew
        Defines things quite contrary.
        They claim a buffer need not buff;
        It can slide aside when the going gets rough.

I might parse this a little differently:

        Eugster buffered fO2.
        Its value could not vary,
        Now a more permissive crew
        define things quite contrary:
        claim that buffers need not buff,
        but slide to univariancy.


John Clemens arose to my challenge on CO2, brines and melts in a ditty just
sent to the granite research user group.

From: "Prof. J. D. Clemens" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject:      no sooner said than done
To: [log in to unmask]

Do we believe in
CO2 flushing,
and brines a running?
Fluids in deep crust
aren't half so cunning!
Melts are the real ones,
accomplishing much.
They rise through the crust,
making granites and such.

>Slainte, Dugald