>Just a brief relief from the facies discussion:
>Can anybody give me some advice how to export data, specifically
>composition maps, from a JEOL 8800 probe to be used in other graphics
>programs? I don't want the JPEG or TIF files, but the original numerical
>data, preferably in ASCII mode. I am not sure whether this is possible.


this is possible - no problem. Just do it with the 'ASCII conversion tool'
which is part of the Jeol epma software package. (Program is normally
installed at /users/epma/etc/asctool).

By performing the conversion with this tool you can select whether you get
the couts by one pixel per line or a matrix of the data.

>Isn't there also a microprobe user mailing list? I seem to remember some
>message from long time ago.

Just follow this link:


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