At 03:31 PM 11/9/2001, Dugald Carmichael wrote:
>[]For 30 years I have been wanting to
>study a prograde transition from amphibolite to granulite facies, but none
>is to be found! []

Perhaps you missed:

ECKERT, J.O., Jr., Hatcher, R.D., Jr., and Mohr, D.W., 1989, The Wayah granulite-facies metamorphic core, southwestern North Carolina:  High-grade culmination of Taconic metamorphism in the southern Blue Ridge:   Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 101, p. 1434-1447.

        Retrogression indicators are limited and localized from the kyanite zone to the Hbl GF.  Of course, everyone must make their own choice whether or not they buy our arguments, and we do still need to verify this with geochronology. Extended to St-Ky in my dsrt, unfortunately still on the shelf [though available at UMI].  FWIW.

        I believe also at least parts of the Adirondack [as pointed out by Eric], Kerala, Limpopo, and Ivrea transitions have been argued to preserve prograde relationships, though likely as not with some evidence of back-reaction.  Neither could I swear that is the 'current' interpretation on any of those.

Jim Eckert
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