ANNOUNCEMENT: NE Tectonics List Server is now active,

An informal meeting was held at the Northeast Section meeting of the GSA last year in Burlington Vt.  All present agreed that it would be desirable to increase communication among workers interested in the tectonics of northeastern North America.  The group selected the name: NETectonics (the NE refers to New England or Northeast).  It was agreed that the group would sponsor technical sessions and invited speakers at the spring meeting of the Northeastern Section of GSA and possibly at the annual meeting.  A new list server has now been established, hosted by the University of Massachusetts.  The goal of the list server is simply to provide an efficient means of communication among workers broadly interested in structural geology, petrology, and tectonics of northeastern North America.  To subscribe send an e-mail message to:

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The body of the message should read:

subscribe netectonics

You should receive a request to send in an authentication message.  Just copy the text and send it back to
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If there are questions or problems, contact Mike Williams (
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Further communication will be through the list server.

Mike Williams

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