The regionally metamorphosed (in the Devonian) Standing Pond
Volcanics of Eastern Vermont, U.S.A., contain mafic strata that
intersect the Mesozoic Mount Ascutney syenite in steep well-exposed
outcrops on the south side of Mount Ascutney, Vermont, near the
village of Ascutney on the west side of the Connecticut River
separating Vermont from New Hampshire. The Mesozoic metamorphic
overprint is conspicuous in a variety of lithologies. References are
contained on the Centennial Geologic Map of Vermont, 1961, published
by the Vermont Geological Survey in Montpelier, VT. I haven't visited
the locality for a long time, but I understand that there's now an
access problem because of a protective property-owner to the south.

John Rosenfeld

>"Dear All,
>Does anyone know a case of contact metamorphism overprinting a regional
>metamorphism within metabasites?

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