Hi, I haven't received emails from this list for a while, I had some trouble with my email and likely got lost somehow.  Ya'll may have already received this, if so, of course, disregard.  If not, read on...(brief synopsis: Temples apparently to Isis and Cybele have been uncovered in central Germany on the site of a planned shopping mall.  As is often the case, this sacred site is believed to be on top off an earlier celtic tomb and was then covered by a couple of layers of christian monastary/churches.  It's too true and sacrilegious to build the "modern" church, a shopping mall, over this site.  Folks are encouraged to write to the mayor of the city to protest destruction of these sacred sites.)

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>Dear Friends,
> The following letter came to the husband of one of the priestesses
>in our Iseum Musicum. He is an instructor at the local seminary. As
>you wade through the letter, you'll find that temples to Isis and
>Cybele have been uncovered in Mainz, Germany. This is the first
>proof of these goddess' worship in Central Europe. The temples were
>found when the city started  building a mall. Please FAX a letter to
>the mayor of Mainz protesting the building of the mall. Use whatever
>academic or religious credentials you have and say that this is a
>sacred site that you wish to visit in the future. The mayor's FAX
>number is: 011-49-6131-22626. Hurry!
>Kay Gardner, Priestess of Isis
>Iseum Musicum/Temple of the Feminine Divine
>Bangor, Maine
>-----Original Message-----
>Greetings from Heidelberg! A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to
>visit the remarkable excavation in Mainz where a temple complex has
>a series of wooden dining rooms with hearths, where food offered to
>idols was obviously served. It has such close connections with 1 Cor
>8 and 10 that I took the opportunity of writing a letter to the
>mayor of Mainz. In the middle of this month, the emergency
>excavation will be finished on this site right in the middle of the
>commercial center of the city where a large mall was to be
>constructed; if insufficient interest and pressure is not brought to
>bear, the bulldozers will destroy the entire site and cover it with
>concrete. My letter below provides an assessment of the historical
>and cultural value of this site and the significance of its
>preservation in some form. Would you be willing to write a letter
>and fax it to the same number in Mainz, speaking as an authority in
>early Christianity? If you know of other scholars whose expertise
>would cover this site, would you send this message on to them as
>well? I hope all continues well with you and your family; it goes
>well here!
>More later.
>Cordially, Bob
>FEBRUARY 5, 2001
>opportunity to visit the archaeological site in the center of Mainz,
>accompanying my colleague Prof. Peter Lampe. Having heard last
>summer about the important discoveries being made there, and having
>discussed them with colleagues in the United States during a recent
>visit, I was very pleased to be able to get acquainted with the
>distinguished team of archaeologists and view their excavation.

>From the perspective of someone who has worked on the historical
>background of early Christianity for the past forty five years,
>contributing sixteen books and more than 125 articles to these
>issues, the discoveries in Mainz appear highly significant. For the
>first time, as far as I know, the worship of Isis and Cybele has
>been discovered in a central European site. The Mainz site also
>provides a brilliant illustration of the way religious locations
>tend to remain holy despite the changing identity of the gods being
>worshipped, with the temple complex being built directly over the
>site of an important Celtic tomb, and the entire site being later
>used as a Christian monastery. Most important of all, for the first
>time outside of Corinth, there is direct evidence of a series of
>small dining rooms in close proximity to the temple where food
>offered to the gods was shared. This throws vivid light on Saint
>Paul's discussions of early Christians participating in such meals
>(1 Corinthians 8 & 10), and confirms that such
>dining facilities were probably quite frequently built next to
>temple complexes. Earlier archaeological investigations in other
>locations may well have overlooked the slight evidence of such
>temporary apppearing wooden buildings with charcoal pits; in this
>instance, the sharp eyes of the archaeological team in Mainz noticed
>the odd postholes for small, wooden rooms with charcoal hearths, and
>Prof. Lampe's expertise in this area supplied the appropriate
>cultural information that allowed a firm identification to be made.
>This is a discovery of immense historical significance, made by
>discerning German investigators, and soon to be
>announced to the world in the form of a technical article in the Zeitschrift
>für neutestamentliche Wissenschaft.
>Some years ago I sponsored a doctoral dissertation on the topic of 1
>Corinthians 8 & 10, which was subsequently published by E. J. Brill in 1995
>under the title, Rhetorical Interaction in 1 Corinthians 8 and 10: A Formal
>Analysis with Preliminary Suggestions for a Chinese, Cross-Cultural
>Hermeneutic. I have related the account of the Mainz discovery to its
>author, Prof. Khiok-khng Yeo. He is a prolific writer and lecturer both in
>the United States and in China, one of the world's foremost experts on this
>topic, who may write you a letter with an assessment of the significance of
>the Mainz discoveries for Christians in the third world. He will probably
>wish to visit the Mainz excavation, probably in 2002 when the elite Society
>of New Testament Studies meets in Germany. Many other colleagues who attend
>that meeting from around the world will probably also wish to visit Mainz
>and report on these findings to their students and colleagues.  It would be
>a terrible loss to scholarship and cultural history if the site in Mainz
>were not preserved in some manner. This certainly could be achieved, without
>any diminishing of the commercial value and function of this site which lies
>right at the center of Mainz. I have visited many sites where important
>portions of excavations were left in place, visible through glass, in
>buildings that now have other uses. It is particularly intriguing that
>Woolworth is planning to build a food court on this site; would it not be
>commercially appealing to advertise restaurants on the oldest discernable,
>restaurant site in Germany in which a series of dining rooms had been
>constructed and used for private parties and club meetings over a span of
>some centuries. In all probabililty the military, administrative, guild, and
>business leaders of ancient Mainz visited these facilities on a regular
>basis and were served food whose dedication to the gods was thought to
>enhance its value, flavor, and health-giving power. An early form of global
>commerce has also been discovered by the Mainz archaeologists, with food
>from the Mediterranean found in various hearths in this temple complex.  The
>later, Christian monastery built on this site would also have had a dining
>room, where locally grown food was served to members and guests. The
>remarkable cultural continuity of this site would therefore be honored by
>its contemporary re-use for modern commerce and the culinary arts.  If no
>efforts are made to preserve culturally significant portions of this
>excavation, the attraction and appeal of this religious and culinary
>continuity will be lost forever. Tourists, scholars, and students from all
>over the world would not be drawn to this site in Mainz because the cement
>foundation of the mall that destroys all of this historical legacy would
>produce a building that looks like every other food court around the world,
>another sadly homogenous, "Americanization" of commerce. It would be as if a
>non-descript modern skyscraper were built over the site of Gutenberg's
>printing press in Mainz, destroying every visible aspect of the original
>building. Sites of historical significance like this are routinely destroyed
>by new buildings in other countries, including my own. But how many tourists
>are drawn to cities such as Chicago because of its historical sites and
>buildings? Part of the glory of Germany is its preservation of significant
>historical buildings and locations, which makes it immensely appealing to
>visitors from other cultures and other parts of Germany itself.  In view of
>the unique historical and cultural importance of these unexpected
>discoveries in Mainz, I urge you to support some form of preservation.
>Convinced that the difference between statesmen and politicians is that the
>former take a longer view of things and struggle for causes that will
>benefit the next generation, I hope you and your colleagues will find a
>creative way to integrate this archaeological site in a new construction in
>this vibrant commercial area of the city.
>Yours sincerely,
>Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Robert Jewett
>Harry R. Kendall Professor Emeritus of New Testament
>Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
>Member of the Joint Doctoral Faculty at Northwestern
>Currently Guest Professor of New Testament
>University of Heidelberg
>Robert Jewett
>Visiting Professor
>University of Heidelberg
>WTS, Kisselgasse 1
>D-69117 Heidelberg, Germany
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