Greetings all,

I am currently seeing a 49 y.o. woman who has bell's palsy. Onset of symptoms
was mid-April, 2001. SHe came to see me 7 weeks after onset. I have treated
her 4 times, with no results. She does not have any pain in or around her ear
anymore, but does not have any movement of Rightsided eyebrow, lips. She can
close her eyelid to 75%. Unable to purse lips, puff out cheeks, smile, frown
or furl brow.

I have treated her with acupuncture, mostly facial points and some distal
points. Have used indirect moxa and electrostim. The last visit I watched the
needles that were hooked up to the electro and no movement of these except
for minimal movemeent at LI 20 (muscle in the crease area vesiculated very
slightly). I have also had her taking a formula that included blood moving
and windcold releasing herbs and suggested that she use warm compresses on
her face.

As my patinet is quite liimited on money, but is willing to continue if I
feel that this is a good treatment approach. I have treated several patinets
with Bell's palsy, with very good success until this patient. WHen in China,
my doctor suggested that if no movement on needles is seen, the prognosis for
treatment is low. My questions for this group are:
has anyone seen a pateint who does not seem to respond to acupuncture/herbs
and what did you do?
SHould she continue and for how long?
SHould I be doing anything differently?
Has anyone used a different combination of points or herbs that have been
very effective?

Thanks you for your input - I am really feeling frustrated and want to help
this woman in whatever way that I can.

best regards,

Susan Froehlich, LAc
Hood River, OR