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>...."Gothic" is ...a reductive catch-all term ...only useful in the most
general sense.  

like what i said.

now that you've deigned to come out of your Canadian Hibernation, Jim,
howsabout tackling those other simple questions Marjorie Greene axed the list
in all innocence (i would, but that stuff gives me the Headache and makes my
teeth itch):

>With regard to architectural style names, what name would be given to 
the architecture 479-1000 other than pre-Romanesque? Wasn't much built of wood
and hence does not survive? If so, how could anyone give a name to a style
whose appearance is unknown?

>A more interesting question to me, nomenclature being rather dull, is 
why this dramatic change in the depiction of the human person at this
particular moment? (I do realize that the "realism" of Gothic sculpture lagged
behind the development in architecture, so please don't pounce!)

just a few simple questions, no problem.

and, her observation that 

>The "genum" of ["opus"] "francigenum" is related etymologically to "genesis,"
"genus," and probably others. 

will do for me --"work of French origin."

>Sure, it's a made-up word - aren't they all?

yes, but some words are more made up than others.

best to all from here,


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