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>Niermeyer gives as his fifth definiton of "bajulus" the word "bailiff,
princely or seignorial agent in charge of manorial, financial, adminstrative
or judicial duties" (p. 78). 

the *fifth* definition, eh?

duCange is always worth a look on these wierd, mutating terms; partly because
he (unlike Niermeyer, who doesn't have the space) usually gives a great many
more examples of actual usage drawn from the texts themselves --that guy must
have been really hooked into the Maurist (??) network of 
scholars all over everywhere who fed him _fiches_.  i've come across some
*really* obscure (and, even today, unpublished) texts which he cites.

>Perhaps this might work in the texts given.


still leaves open the question of whether Brenda's texts deal with an Official
of the abbey or of the Abbot.

to say nothing about the original question which started the string,
concerning the Hagiographer and whether or not he's using the term in an
allegorical or literal sense.


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