>judaizer is one of the patristic names for millennialists (since the jews,
>being so literal minded, had this quaint and quite subversive notion that
>the messianic era wd be on earth).

Could you cite a text source for this usage of "judaizer"?

it's fairly common. jerome uses it alot.  leon gry was an early writer to point out the phenomenon (Le millenarisme, Paris 1904).  in a text from the tenth cn, the bishop of Auxerre refers to those who interpret the hungarian invasions as a fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation as "judaizantes".

R.B.C. Huygens, "Un témoin" [n.11], p.231, lines 94-106; letter from the bishop of Auxerre to the bishop of Verdun (commentary by Huygens, p.236f). Dated variously early tenth century, or, according to Huygens, to second half of the tenth ("Un témoin de la crainte de l'an 1000: La lettre sur les Hongrois," Latomus, 15 (1956), 224-38); considered the background of Adso's treatise).