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> But judging from your qualifications (below), one cannot
>assume that you are a bigot.

Thank you. I am not even of Norman descent. :)!

As for the statement, there is a body of evidence and practical wisdom
gleaned therefrom, which priests obtain in the confessional, but which is
in its extensiveness not statistically verifiable; from which I drew the
basis of the remark; and such is expected in discussion of pastoral
methodoloy in the Catholic Church.

Just because there is no monograph, does not make a thing false or
offensive. I am sure there are plenty of offensive books or papers written
by those with academic degrees; neither the holding of a degree or the
non-holding of one makes what one has to say true or the thesis proven.
Somethings you'll never know, simply because you haven't neard confessions
or sat down in a seminar for those who do or who are preparing to do..

What more can I say. The matter is the remark is true; but the evidentiary
basis is clinical not forensic nor empirical.

Many of the other remarks I made in this post which contained the above
quote, were rhetorical but misconstrued, leading to more misunderstaning.
But I gues I am in no position to ask for a benefit of the doubt among
present company.

Sincerely in Christ,

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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