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>> * Ildefonsus, confessor (667)
>> - after a time as abbot of Agali, he became bishop of Toledo; among his
>> works was a treatise written in opposition to those who taught that Mary
>> was the real wife of Joseph, and bore him children after the birth of
>> Jesus
>Just a query: any idea whether the treatise of Ildefonsus on Mary
>has been printed and, if so, where? Is it, for example, in Migne's
>Patrologia Latina? Best wishes of a Happy New Year,
>Mia Korpiola
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Dear Mia Korpiola,

According to Michael Carrol, C.S.Sp, "Theotokos: A Theological Encylopedia
of the Blessed Virgin Mary", Michael Glazier, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware,
USA, 1983 ISBM 0-98453-268-5 / 907271-11-1

De Virginitate B. Mariae, by Ildefonsus, is found in the PL 96, 51-110; a
critical edition was done by V. Blanco Garcia (Madrid 1937: 2nd Edition
Saragossa, 1954)

Sincerely in Christ,

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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