Today, 20 December, is the feast of ...

* Ammon, Zeno, Ptolemy, Ingenes and Theophilus, martyrs (c. 250)
- these Egyptian soldiers were present at the martyrdom of a Christian,
and exhorted the Christian to remain steadfast throughout his tortures;
when the judge noticed this, he ordered the soldiers to be beheaded, and
so they were

* Philogonius, confessor (323)
- after a successful career as a lawyer, he became bishop of Antioch,
and was one of the first to denounce Arianism

* Eugenius and Macarius, martyrs in Arabia (362)

* Dominic, bishop of Brescia (c. 600)

* Dominic Silos, abbot (1073)
- helped his monastery of San Sebastian to become one of the leading
spiritual houses and scriptoria in Spain

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