Today, 2 December, is the feast of ...

* Bibiana or Viviana, virgin and martyr (?)
- killed after being whipped with scourges loaded with
lead, her corpse was left exposed so that dogs would eat
it, but they did not

* Chromatius, bishop of Aquileia (c. 407)
- he helped finance the work of his friend Jerome, to
translate the Bible into Latin

* John Ruysbroeck (1381)
- Augustinian canon and mystical writer of works such as
*Book of the Kingdom of God's Lovers*, *Spiritual
Espousals*, and *Book of the Spiritual Tabernacle*

Two years ago Julia Bolton Holloway added this important information:

You can find the text of the Middle English Jan van Ruusbroec,
_Sparkling Stone_, which is in the same manuscript as the earliest
extant version of Julian of Norwich's _Showings_ (and which may have
been part of her library in an earlier manuscript), the Amherst
Manuscript, transcribed on the website below:
Julia Bolton Holloway, [log in to unmask]
Hermit of the Holy Family
via del Partigiano 16, Montebeni, 50014 FIESOLE, ITALY

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