Dear All,
Very sorry about the lack of postings. And thanks to Otfried for
filling in some of the backlog.

Here are a  few more missing ones:

Today, 1 December, is the feast of ...

* Ansanus, martyr (304?)
- first apostle of Siena

* Agericus or Airy, bishop of Verdun (588)
- while hosting king Childebert, he blessed his last cask
of wine, and it flowed with more than enough for the
assembled multitude

* Tudwal, bishop (sixth century)
- in Brittany, he was known as 'Pabu' (= 'Father', on
account of which a legend grew that he was made pope

* Eligius or Eloi, bishop of Noyon (660)
- one of the most popular saints in medieval France; patron
of smiths and metalworkers, and invoked on behalf of horses

* Bentivoglia (1232)
- a companion of St Francis of Assisi, he was noted for his
preaching and for his levitation in prayer

* Giovanni da Vercelli (1283)
- sixth master general of the Order of Preachers

* Gerardo Cagnoli (1345)
- inspired by the sanctity of St Louis of Toulouse, he
joined the Franciscans as a lay-brother in Sicily, where he
acquired a great reputation for his many and varied

* Antonio Bonfadini (1482)
- native of Ferrara, he served the Franciscan mission in
the Holy Land; died in Cotignola in Romagna, where he is
buried and venerated

* Richard Whiting, abbot of Glastonbury, and companions,
martyrs (1539)
- among the 'incriminating' documents he possessed was a
life of Thomas Becket; the abbot was hanged, drawn and
quartered on Glastonbury Tor, along with his treasurer and


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