Just to let you know that another 20 moth maps have gone up on the rECOrd web-site today (Sunday) along with the map of all lepidoptera records held on the rECOrd database as at 30/11/2000 which Adrian requested. I am now up to the start of Plate 6 in Skinner and I will eventually get all the macros up - hopefully within the next two to three weeks. The micros will then follow but to be honest the entry of data on micros into the rECOrd database has a long way to go - as I am sure Steve Hind knows. Once I get all the current 235K records across to Recorder-2000 in the New Year then we can begin to look at pushing all the records now held on MapMate across as a Recorder-2000 export (my fingers are so crossed they are beginning to fuse together).

Other maps of other orders are going up as time allows though this is currently limited. Check over on: - and type in the name of the species map you are looking for in the Search window.

Can I ask everyone to send in their records for 2000 (if you haven't already done so) and also to send in records for previous years and casual or not so casual records of other orders (e.g. plants, mammals, birds, fungi, etc.). Don't forget that garden records are also required.

Many thanks.


Steve J. McWilliam (rECOrd Manager)
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