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Dialogues with Barbara Köhler.

PAUL, Georgina and Helmut SCHMITZ (Eds.)
Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA, 2000 IX,232 pp.
Hb: 90-420-1382-6 Hfl. 120 / US$ 51
Pb: 90-420-1372-9 Hfl. 40 / US$ 17

German Monitor 48

This volume presents the first collection of critical essays on the
work of the contemporary poet Barbara Köhler (b.1959). Köhler's
first collection Deutsches Roulette attracted wide critical acclaim on
its publication in 1991, when its poetic articulation of a last days'
consciousness of the German Democratic Republic hit a nerve with
the German reading public. The radicalisation of her poetics in her
subsequent mainstream publications, Blue Box (1995) and
Wittgensteins Nichte (1999), together with her interest in pursuing
work at the periphery of the publishing scene, perhaps explains the
relative lack of critical attention accorded her work up until now. The
seven critical essays in the volume provide an overview of the
various aspects of her work to date (poetry, essays, text installation
in the public sphere), as well as debating from different theoretical
perspectives (including feminist and media theory) the
reconceptualisation of the subject and of intersubjective relations
that lies at the heart of her poetological project. The volume also
includes texts by Köhler from the late 1990s - two poems from her
1998 artbook publication cor responde, and her extended reflection
on gender relations in the German language, Tango. Ein Distanz -, a
conversation between the author and Georgina Paul, and, as a
coda, an essay on translating Köhler that presents versions of one
of her best-known poems ‘Rondeau Allemagne'.

Table of Contents:
Georgina PAUL & Helmut SCHMITZ: Introduction.
Barbara KÖHLER: Aus cor responde (1998).
Barbara KÖHLER: Tango. Ein Distanz.
Barbara KÖHLER & Georgina PAUL: ‘Ich wäre mir so gerne
selbst/verständlich’: Ein Gespräch.
Birgit DAHLKE: ‘... auf einem Papierboot bestehen’: Schreiben in
der DDR der 80er Jahre.
Karen LEEDER: Two-way Mirrors: Construing the Possibilities of
the First Person Singular in Barbara Köhler's Poetry.
Roger THIEL: Hölderlin auf halbmast: Überlegungen zu Barbara
Köhlers Gedicht ‘Endstelle'.
Helmut SCHMITZ: ‘Viele Ausgänge?' On some Motifs in Barbara
Köhlers Poetry.
Margaret LITTLER & Hilary OWEN: Barbara Köhler's cor responde.
German and Portuguese Correspondences: Dialogue or Palimpsest?
Kerstin MEY: Sprachgesten und Spielräume. Zu Prosatexten von
Barbara Köhler.
Anthonya VISSER: Bild-Sprache: Barbara Köhlers Texte für
öffentliche Räume.
Barbara KÖHLER, Karen LEEDER, David MORLEY & Georgina
PAUL: The Challenge of Translation. Variations on Barbara Köhler's
‘Rondeau Allemagne'.