Today, 15 November, is the feast of ... 

* Gurias, Samonas and Abibus, martyrs (fourth century) 
- the first two were hung up by one hand with weights tied to their 
feet, then beheaded; Abibus was burnt to death; all three, martyrs of 
Edessa, are 'avengers of unfulfilled contracts' 

* Desiderius or Didier, bishop (655) 
- elected in 630 to succeed his brother as bishop of Cahors, even 
though he was still a layman 

* Malo, bishop (seventh century) 
- born in south Wales, he was ordained then moved to Brittany; among 
many marvels, he once celebrated Easter on the back of a whale 

* Fintan of Rheinau (879) 
- native of Leinster, enslaved by Vikings and taken to the Orkney 
islands; escaped and made pilgrimage to Rome; on his return he stayed 
with some hermits in the Black Forest, where he spent the rest of his 

* Leopold of Austria (1136) 
- at the request of his son, Otto of Freising, he founded the abbey 
of Heiligenkreuz in the Wienerwald; also founded Klosterneuburg, near 
Vienna; refused to be nominated as Emperor 

* Albert the Great, bishop and doctor (1280) 
- taught Thomas Aquinas at Dominican studium of Cologne; helped the 
Franciscan Berthold of Ratisbon to preach the crusade in Germany; in 
1278, during a lecture, his memory suddenly failed; he died two years 
later, sitting in his chair among his Dominican brothers in Cologne; 
patron of students of natural sciences 

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