Talks about software tools like Excel might be incorportated as part of the session below, so I thought ASSUMERs would be interested in this accouncement. Could you also please pass it on to any other colleagues who might also be interested, and/or let me know of other lists where you think this accouncement should appear. Please reply directly to me, not the list. Thanks Rodney

                               CALL FOR PAPERS
                                    for Session 7G: 

The Sixth International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS-6)
                     Durban, South Africa, 7-12 July 2002

For this session of ICOTS-6 we are looking for innovative software 
tools and packages that are designed specifically for statistics 
education. Possible examples:
-  Interactive packages that allow for rapid "what-if" investigations to 
   be carried out by students;
-  Packages that incorporate tutorials that guide the user to 
   appropriate analyses and maybe explain the underlying ideas at 
   the same time;
-  Packages that provide visual simulations illustrating various 
   statistical procedures;
-  Products that incorporate new ways for visualizing data.

We will possibly include talks covering software development tools 
that, while not specifically designed for statistical education, can be 
used to produce such tools. Flexible tools such as MS Excel could fit 
into this category, for example.

Talks that demonstrate new and interesting ways of using existing 
software products for teaching an learning may be incorporated into 
the session.

This is not a session where software developers simply display their 
products, and we are especially interested in new and innovative ideas 
that might stimulate active discussions and encourage other people to 
experiment and come up with ideas of their own. At this stage, it is 
not essential that the ideas be supported by research showing 
pedagogical benefit, but such evidence would be nice; at least we 
would hope to discuss plans for such research.

Expressions of interest from people wishing to present at this session
should be emailed to the session organizer:
Rodney Carr, [log in to unmask]
by Friday December 8, 2000.
Please provide a brief (< 200 word) abstract of your talk. I will contact you 
if I need more information.


Rodney Carr
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Deakin University
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