Today, 28 September, is the feast of... 

Wenceslaus of Bohemia, martyr (929): Grandmother was St Ludmilla - after 
celebrating the feast of Cosmas and Damian, he was murdered by his 
brother Boleslaus's men. Despite the famous Christmas carol named after 
him, there was not a widespread popular devotion to Wenceslaus in 

Exsuperius, bishop of Toulouse (412): Famous for his generosity. 
Requested from pope St Innocent I a list of the authentic books of the 
Bible; this list remains authoritative in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Eustochium, virgin (419): She and her mother, St Paula, had St Jerome as 
their spiritual director. Jerome dedicated to her his work concerning 
the keeping of virginity. 

Faustus, bishop of Riez (493): A semi-Pelagian made good. A great 
preacher: St Sidonius would shout himself hoarse during Faustus's 
sermons (interesting phenomenon!). 

Annemund, bishop of Lyon, martyr (658): Such an admirer of St Wilfrid of 
York, who stopped in Lyon with Benedict Biscop en route to Rome, that he 
offered to adopt him and give him his niece to marry; Wilfrid had other 
things to do, and said no. According to hagiographer Eddius (and, in 
turn, Bede), the queen-regent St Bathildis was responsible for 
Annemund's murder by soldiers, at Macon. 

Lioba, virgin (780): Of a good Wessex family, she was sent by St 
Boniface to Germany (with Thecla, Walburga and other female saints); 
there (but not in England) is her feast celebrated. 

Lorenzo di Ripafratta, Dominican (1457): As novice director in the 
priory of Cortona, he directed St Antonino and Fra Angelico. 

John of Dukla, Franciscan (1484): A patron of Poland and Lithuania; 
influenced by St Giovanni da Capestrano. 

Bernardino da Feltre, Franciscan (1494): Often credited with the 
authorship of *Anima Christi* (but this prayer was written in the 
previous century), he opened a series of montes pietatis (a sort of holy 
pawnshop for the poor). 

Francesco da Calderola, Franciscan. (1507): Colleague of Bernardino da 

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