Dear Oriens:

  Welcome back! It is good to hear of your safe return.

  I envy you your new location. Apart from the interest of the the town
itself, you are within easy range of a number of beautiful and fascinating
medieval sites. Aside from Byland, Rievaulx and Fountains abbeys there are
the priory at Finchale and the Carthusian remains at Mount Grace Priory;
not to mention York Minster, Durham Cathedral and Lindisfarne. All this
and such glorious countryside as well! I wish you much happiness in your
new situation. 
                        Martin Howley

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On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, [iso-8859-1] Bill East wrote:

    ...[SNIP].............  Since we last spoke,...............I
> find myself uprooted and replanted as parish priest of Pickering.  This
> is a small town in North Yorkshire, England, U.K., Europe, of
> considerable interest to medievalists.....