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We still have a few openings for the following two sessions at the
International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2001:

"Where We Are Now: Trends and Topics in Contemporary Medieval Scholarship"
(org. Anne Clark Bartlett and Richard K. Emmerson)

This panel discussion seeks to highlight the status and directions of
scholarly discourse in a variety of medieval disciplines. What interests
us now and why and where can we go from here? Some potential topics might
be disciplinary/interdisciplinary: (literatures, histories,
iconography), generic (romance, drama, rhetoric, chronicle), topical
(heresy, mysticism, ideologies, East/West dialogues, present/past
dialogues), and/or theoretical (theorizing emotion, apophasis, sexuality,
identities)... other ideas are also welcome!


"Where We Are Now: Professional Issues in Medieval Studies Today"
(org. Anne Clark Bartlett and Richard K. Emmerson)

This panel discussion seeks 10 minute position papers on any aspect of being
a medievalist at the present time. Some potential topics for consideration
might include: things we wish we'd known when we started grad studies or a
first job, being the only medievalist in a department (even an institution),
coalition-building, contemporary medievalisms, suggestions for
improving academic conferences, publishing issues (in print and on-line),
current trends and concerns in medieval studies.... other thoughts and ideas
welcome too!

Please send submissions to me at the e-mail, fax, or snail-mail addresses below.

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