Dear industrial ecology mailing list,


I am writing this e-mail to you for your advice and instruction. It is my plan to do postgraduate research in Ph.D. program for the spring semester of 2001.

After I graduated from Ajou University in February 1999 with a B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering, I continued to study in the same field at the graduate school but focused on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a product, Environmental Accounting and Ecodesign.

While in graduate school, I was assigned as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Kun Lee who is the convener of ISO Design for Environment (DfE, TC207/WG3).

With him, I carried on some research in LCA and acquired a strong academic and practical background in that field. I am conducting a research on “Mid- and long-term vision establishment for the development and dissemination of cleaner production technology in electronics industry” and preparing my MS thesis on “Integrating Marketing concept into ecodesign method”

I will receive an M.S. degree in February 2001.

As I am proficient in English, I will not have any trouble pursuing postgraduate research.

I am especially interested in practical information system integrating environmental performance, cost and market value information into ecodesign method by using LCA, Environmental Accounting and Benchmarking procedure.

I am looking for Ph.D. program with research assistanceship. I have not enough money to pay the tuition and living cost, so I want scholarship.

Thanks for your kind attention this. I would deeply appreciate your advice and instruction regarding my plan of study.


For your reference, please visit my web site:


Sincerely yours,


Sangsun Ha.






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