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Call for Research Grants at IRISS-C/I

"Access to Large Scale Facilities"

- 3rd IRISS-C/I call for US researchers (funded by the US National
Science  Foundation) 
- 7th IRISS-C/I call for researchers from the EU und Associated States
(funded by the EC, DG XII, TMR) 

1. Deadline

The deadline for submission of research proposals to the present call
for applications is 30 June, 2000. 

2. Period of Stay at CEPS/INSTEAD 

Preferably between 1 August 2000 and 31 October 2000 (up to 3 weeks per
individual or joint research project).

3. Topics 

Proposals should deal with comparative socio-economic European research
based on the international micro-databases available at CEPS/INSTEAD: 

- the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), 
- the Luxembourg Employment Study (LES), 
- the Household Panel Comparability Project and Database (PACO), and 
- the European Community Household Panel Study (ECHP user database). 

IRISS-C/I promotes problem-oriented socio-economic analyses based on
international micro-data. It aims at bringing together individual
researchers from different countries and disciplines in an informed
socio-economic research environment. Preference will be given to
projects focusing on static and dynamic analyses based on
cross-sectional or longitudinal data, and contributing to the
advancement of comparability.

IRISS-C/I offers opportunities to work in the following fields: -poverty
and inequality, -panel/survey methodology, - income dynamics, -
persistent and new poverty, - education and training, continued
education, - labour markets, unemployment, segmentation of labor
markets, new forms of work, - child well-being/poverty, child care, -
impact of ageing populations, intergenerational relations, - effects of
family policies, social protection and redistributive policies, - family
structures and change, - family and household budgets, - geographical
and social mobility, - gender, ethnic and social inequality, - regional
development and structural change.

4. Who may apply? 

This call is particularly directed at US researchers, whose access to
the large scale facility is funded by the US National Science
Foundation. Limited TMR-funding is also available for nationals of an EU
member state or an Associated State (currently Iceland, Israel,
Liechtenstein, Norway) and conducting research in a research team
working inside the member states of the EU or associated states. 

IRISS-C/I particularly encourages US-EC research team proposals that
involve joint stays at CEPS/INSTEAD.

Prospective applicants from the US may contact Prof. Tim Smeeding
([log in to unmask]). Researchers who are nationals of a member
state of the EU or an associated state may contact Georges Heinrich
([log in to unmask]). Only researchers/research teams doing non
proprietary research (who are entitled to publish the results of their
work in the open literature) may apply. Level of research: preferably
doctoral candidates or beyond (no limitation concerning applicant's
age). Researchers from other countries may also participate in the
activities, being understood that they will have to be funded by other

5. What do the research grants offer to Candidates? 

Technical and scientific assistance; free access to databases available
at CEPS/INSTEAD (LIS, LES, PACO/ECHP, and - at the national level - the
Luxembourg Household Panel; use of individual PCs with Internet access /
personal e-mail; training on the use of the Center's databases, if
necessary; exchange with experienced CEPS/INSTEAD researchers and
research partners working on similar themes and projects; free use of
the IRISS-C/I facility with administrative support (secretarial
assistance, photocopying, communication); reimbursement of travel from
and to home country; daily allowances and overnight stay in the Center's
apartments. Free access to JSTOR Journals via WWW.

6. Review and Selection Procedures 

Each proposal is reviewed by 3-4 members of the User Selection Panel
(see composition of the EU- and the US-Selection Panel). Evaluation
criteria: scientific and technical quality of the project
(scientific/technical interest, originality, methodological approach,
feasibility, cohesion/structure/clarity), comparative and/or
longitudinal approach, appropriateness to study the
project at CEPS/INSTEAD, projected publication or other product, added
value for European socio-economic research. 

7. Feedback to applicants

Applicants are informed about the result of the evaluation within 4-6
weeks after the deadline. If Panel members reject a proposal, they will
indicate why and possibly make suggestions for a revised proposal.

8. Seminars 

While at IRISS, each researcher should prepare to present a seminar on
their work. This may take place at the end of the stay (final product,
progress report) or at the beginning (a discussion of proposed work) or

9. Reports 

At the end of their visit, IRISS-C/I users are asked to provide a report
on the work they have done at the Center, preferably in the form of one
or more research papers. Papers to be published as a result of the visit
should acknowledge that the work was supported by the EU - Training and
Mobility of Researchers Program or by the US National Science
Foundation. A copy of each paper should be sent to IRISS-C/I for
inclusion in the Center's working papers series.

10. Technical note

Candidates may apply by e-mail, fax or ordinary mail. The application
form may be copied directly from our IRISS-C/I homepage to the PC and
returned via e-mail, confirmed by signed fax or original mail. E-mail
applications should use a file attached in Word 6.0 or 7.0. Applicants
may also print out the pdf-version of the application form directly from
the homepage or ask for a paper
version under an adress indicated below.

11. Contacts for further information:

a) Applicants from the United States:

Kati Foley
Luxembourg Income Study
426 Eggers Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1020
Tel.: 315-443-4526
Fax: 315-443-1081
E-mail: [log in to unmask]
Prof. Tim Smeeding, Director
Center for Policy Research
426 Eggers Hall
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1020
Tel.: 315-443-9042
Fax: 315-443-1081
E-mail: [log in to unmask]

b) Applicants from the EU and Associated States:

Georges Heinrich, IRISS-C/I Coordinator
Rue Emile Mark 44,
B.P. 48
L-4501 Differdange
Tel: (00352) 58 58 55 - 512
Fax: (00352) 58 55 88
E-mail: [log in to unmask]