>Interim Saints - March 3rd
>WINALOE, Abbot (6th century)
>Winaloe was born about the year 455;  his father was Fragan, related to
>Conan Meriadec.  Fragan was governor of Léon (Lyoness) and Cornouaille,
>under King Grallo, or Gradillon.  Fragan married a noble widow named
>Gwen, of the Three Breasts . . . By her he had a son, whom he called
>Gwenaloe, or "He that is white," on account of his beauty [He is called
>Guennole, or Vignevale, in French.  At Montreuil-sur-Mer, of which
>place he is patron, he is called S. Valois.  His name has also been
>corrupted into Valvais and Vennole].


Dear Bill,
In view of the connection with the three beasts, are you sure this name
isn't merely a variation of Winalot, who ought to be considered the patron
saint of dog breeders?