Interim Saints - March 4th

LUCIUS, Pope and martyr (A.D. 253)

Saint Lucius was a Roman by birth, and one of the clergy of that church
under SS. Fabian and Cornelius.  This latter having been crowned with
martyrdom, in 252, S. Lucius succeeded him in the ponticicate . . .
Eusebius says that Lucius did not occupy the pontifical throne for
above eight months.  He seems to have died on March 4th, under Gallus,
but how we know not.

CAIUS THE PALATINE, and companions, martyrs (date uncertain)

S. Caius, and twenty-seven fellow soldiers, suffered for the faith at
Rome.  Caius was an officer of the palace, but under what emperor is
not known.  He was drowned in the sea.

OWEN, monk  (end of 7th cent.)

The venerable Bede says, "Owen was a monk of great merit, having
forsaken the world with the pure intention of obtaining the heavenly
reward . . ."

[Bede, HE, Bk. iv, ch. 3]

BASINUS, Bishop of Trèves (about A.D. 672)

Basinus, of the illustrious family of the Dukes of Austrasia, was
received as monk into the monastery of S. Maximin, at Trèves.  He was
afterwards made abbot.

ADRIAN, martyr, Bishop of St Andrews (about A.D. 870)

S. Adrian, bishop of S. Andrews, in Scotland, was a native of Pannonia.
 He laboured to spread the faith among the Picts, together with his
companions, Clodian, Caius, Monan, and Stobrand.  As they were in the
island of May, the Danish priates landed in it, and put Adrian and
Clodian to death.  No reliance can be placed on the legend in the

CASIMIR, Prince of Poland (A.D. 1484)

S. Casimir was the second son of Casimir III, king of Poland, and of
Elizabeth of Austria, daughter to the emperor Albert II . . . From his
childhood he was remarkably pious and 
devout . . . he died at the age of twenty-three, on March 4th, 1484,
and was buried at Wilna, where his body is still preserved.

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