> Speak for yourself, sir. ;) I'd like to see the WHOLE, um, er,
> Francine Nicholson

All in good time, Ms. Nicholson, all in good time.

>That depends, of course, on what exactly they shaved . . .

Precisely.  Perhaps we are now embarking (barkbark) on a new journey into a
hitherto unremarked area of hagiographic studies, that of the tonsorial
demarcation of one's clerical nether-nethers.  After all, one supposes it
only a small leap of mystical logic from the shaving of one's crown to the
shaving of one's family jewels.

By the by, have you seen the Tilman Riemen-whatever show at the Met?
That marvelous intimate alabastar sculpture of St. Jerome, lost in
reflection, removing the thorn from the patient lion's paw....  The lion,
for the first time in my visual memory, is shown on his haunches,
three-quarters toward the viewer, "openly" demonstrating the relaxed,
sheathed aspect of his member.  I'm sure someone In Group will cite other
examples, but it is the only one I can think of wherein the chastity
association is so vividly, pictorially made.