I'm currently running SPM99 on a Dell XPS T600 and T700,
using WinNT and Win2k respectively, with no problems at all.

As for dealing with the postscript output from SPM, just install
ghostview (I can provide the web address and instructions)
which will enable you to print the output to non-postscript

In short, you should have no problems at all. Though I would
recommend investing in some hardware for backing up your data,
since that 30Gb drive will fill up pretty fast!


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On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Kota KATANODA wrote:

>Dear SPM users,
>I am planning to buy a Dell PC (Dimension XPS-T, Pen III 700MHz,
>768MB Memory, 30GB HDD) and to run SPM on it using Matlab for
>Do you have any suggestions or information about stability or bugs
>of SPM on Dell PCs or SPM on Matlab for Windows(98/NT)?
>So far I have found at least one posting in the SPM archives
>reporting a Postscript problem of Matlab for Windows.
>I wonder if there are some other known problems.
>Any general or specific suggestions will be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.